Hello everyone.

As always you are free to believe what you want too and believe but there is a hoax going on with 8/8 The lion’s Gate Portal.
People want to be trendy with 7/7. 8/8. 9/9 and so on, believing every year star gates open on these dates and new energy rushes in, especially now with COVID19 these posts are popular and “needed” but its not true. It can be easy to “connect” to “God” when one is abusing prescriptions like klonopin, busipar, vicodin and so on. This is a “2d” level of reality as we confuse God with ourselves being in pain and we abuse medicines.

In the beginning when Earth itself was awakening portals did open, but these were beginner things. Now, we are about manifesting what is already here, what doorways we can open that are by products of the old grid firing. There is nothing opening on 8/8. You can just sit and meditate with a candle (Leo was originally a fire sign, was the name was originally leonite, a type of rock torch) We don’t have to wait for a certain date to open, cleanse or make manifest, we are here now and we are present.
Thank you.

Empath Connection

Soon, There shall be allot…

Soon, There shall be allot of DIVORCES

People, stop. Breathe, listen. The values you had once with this “mate” is no longer reflected. Neither of you should beat up the other emotionally. That is the ego in us. That is a muru or luru or even sturu (path of the guru, or gari) has no ego. It, along with desires and wants must be let go of in order to ascend. Just let go, file the paper work and move on with seperate lives. Try to remain civil, be there for the children if you have any, and continue to be “work or professional about one another” like a work mate.
No one has failed. These things happen. No one is going to see you as less for letting that person go and if they do, they’re not your friend. People living in the 150K lifestyle with that big job, nice house, 3-5 kids and not having a clue how to maintain outside of the adults convening together twice a month at someone’s house and pretending you are the cast of american housewives or what not was a hideous life to live, the only reason that marriage was working is that no one was quarantined with that person and working from home.
Please also schedule a therapy appt for mental health and medicine, a spa appt when you can, and a physical doctor appt to get your health checked as well. Also not a failure if you have not seen one of these in ages.

Divorces are very easy. Decide what you want and don’t want from the divorce, and move on. It will be over in as little as three weeks.You can move on with your things a new home, and build a new single life for yourself and your children should you have any, get new friends as your life returns to a new normal you are familiar with.

If you need anyone to give advice my ear is open and I personally invite you to confide. I won’t share anything You wish me not too, just visit my email or telegram room. Or you can write in.

I hope you will all be ok in the coming months ahead and by all means learn to practice some meditation with phone apps and Binaraul beats. You may not understand that but parts of you may. Go where you are lead on google play! Atmosphere itself is a great app.

Jealousy Abounds

An ex bf of mine does not want me to be known or too write or have a wordpress self hosted blog. I was working on a new instance for buddypress and self hosting in which I may move spiritful lesson too this coming month, but it won’t be with infinityfree hosting or IFastNet hosting. I went to bed yesterday and got up and thanks to my arse being popular and known my cpu had gotten my site blog suspended. I had spent over four hours, about 35 plugins and finally found themes I like and I get up and it’s locked down. Thank god for ascension and not to sweat the little things pass my own control, but I will have wordpress or buddypress hosting soon again and if people don’t like it, tough. Go pray about it.

I wish people would get over themselves. Your ego dilemma is annoying to say the least. All because you want people to fear and worry. I feel sorry for these pitiful creatures. They say be kind to mean people because they need it most but sometimes I think they need a good slap in the mouth.

Another woke thing happened, I deleted my twitter and I don’t plan to go back, First paper.li, then twitter, and then pagangrotto.us became unpublished so don’t go there you won’t be able to see the site anymore. Then this thing with wordpress self hosted. I am slowing weeding out the bad social media experiences. I don’t need twitter, they need me.

Remember be safe but be Normal! Don’t let society get too you and don’t just sit there and watch covid-19 news over and over!

— Ana Massien

Oh, The Crazy Mess I…

Oh, The Crazy Mess
I went to a store that has changed their hours drastically. Don’t go in these places, go somewhere else.
You could have 1 Milk product only, and meat was also limited.
Most workers seemed stressed, I know these people, they are usually so relaxed and cheerful.
There was a tension in the air.
Signs on the doors, that stated if you argued with employees over anything you had to leave empty handed.

Make sure you go somewhere else if tension is not your thing.
Karma is really gonna smack these people in their arse for doing this to loyal customers just to get some business benefit from the government. I smell rat piss ya’ll if you don’t mind me saying it. It’s bullshit. It will be Kroger from now on for me.

Spiritful Lesson Commune

Spiritful Lesson Commune

This is our offsite blog commune for peace lovers, star hippy’s, star culture people, readers and fans of the blog. You will have to sign up on paganbook.space. That’s Ok, I created this social network. You can join 21+ and up, no nudity xxx or porn. Have a great time on site, create your profile, add a cover tell us about yourself and join the group!


What is the Favorite Game…

What is the Favorite Game of the Non Ascending?
Many people have tried to give these people a name, before but I don’t believe in Agenda or Propaganda.
Agenda and Propaganda is the “”‘s mission and ways of controlling the population in which most fear promoters work is by media, and broadcast. Social platforms, blogs and forums and others allow mass promotion of materials that say same old thing: “we all gonna die, we gonna die horrible and painful, people are gonna take over your body, you won’t be you anymore”. This is agenda, propaganda is when its continued onslaught of the same thing because this is what that sect or person does. Like those who preach Christianity and what will happen if you don’t repent. This is fear programming, and you should not believe in it. Happens also on star groups online as well as spirituality groups;
Fear of some mass pandemic that seems like its always been here – is another control factor. This is all about boosting the economy. Think about it.
If Congress promoters say it enough and produce enough articles on it – what would a world mass pandemic impact most?
What is the President’s Senate working on and so on? Ways to Sustain the Economy, its people and businesses.
The President, under the Stanford Act, which gives him leeway to do so, “In a Crisis” (hence the Crisis, the Pandemic) can offer aid to people, and the economy.

Keep yourselves safe!

Earlier Pinned Articles Greetings Readers,…

Earlier Pinned Articles
Greetings Readers,

I have moved a bunch of former pinned articles to make room for the CV-19 posts and things and articles of encouragement.
You can still find these articles in search or in the archives.
Thanks for reading and subscribing.

There is also now a “Home” page of the about, what we are, what we do, what we are about. Thanks for visiting!

I have also simplified the menu for the blog as a bunch of pages were not showing, and I may add a forum as well. I would like to get to know my readers & subscribers.


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Good Morning, Up early to…

Good Morning, Up early to post to you all
What do you think about a rescue check for americans during times of uncertain-ness?
Read more here It will either be $600-1500 for the standard American and from what I understand, a loan that does not have to be paid back, all due to the Standford act, an act a president can use to help in times of great need in the US.

I still not sure if SSI/SSA/SSDI will get this type of relief? I will try and post more on this story when I find out.

I hope all are doing well and staying safe!

Feel free to use the contact email anamassienahc@gmail.com and let me know how you are doing and passing the time.
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For those in Georgia affected by CV-19:

Assistance here

https://t.me/stardnachat I have created a…

https://t.me/stardnachat I have created a social hangout for people on telegram chat.
Just in case people want to have or give readings or hangout and chat via telegram. You can download it, use as an extension in opera or use it via the web:
Desktop Version It’s based on your mobile number but it does not take data.

Spirit Groups

I have a spirit group which is predominately, men. All these men have I been with before in the past and some of us are over coming our spirit bonds to one another, because currently they are all poison/toxic immature little things I couldn’t really give a dam for.
One of them stated to me, “I have been allowed to know my other bonds from outside the spirit group” and he said it like he was some pre-ordained minister and his shit smelt the most like the roses in the bushes in the eternal garden somewhere. I was like “We all are allowed to see or know our spirit connections outside of the group” and he reacted like I reenacted a third blizzard winter upon him. Get over it, you, we, I not that grand!
STILL (and I am shrieking as I say it), STILL, if you are getting over the baggage of the spirit group, shouldn’t you also be dismissing the baggage with the other spirit wanderings you are encountering? He is looking for a female to nest in the besom of, and somewhere to stick his small shaft (Of light? lol) and no one wants to put up with his schedule, time or BS, including me. Not only have you insulted me, and our former existences together, you have gone and made it sound like time or fate has sent you a gift and these other people or women gonna take your shit. NO! If you are ascended even the slightest wouldn’t you want to shed everything, everywhere and start over or keep being your freest self? That is the whole point of you being able to realize others, buddy.

To let go. To be free, That is the whole point of highest ascension is to be kind, evolved, free and every chain broken. Or you aren’t ascended and you are hurtful, greedy, immature and scared of being alone, and chained like a mother. I ask the greatest host to take me away from these people, and let me be free. I am not into Spirit slavery, son.


🚨🚨I’ve gone outside! 🚨🚨 My…

🚨🚨I’ve gone outside! 🚨🚨
My City which is southeast of Atlanta is running on normal. I went to the Kroger which on foot is about 30 mins up and back.
I made good time and I only saw 5 people wearing a mask, one woman was wearing plastic gloves, one woman brought her own wipes (they have them in the cart return area), and that was all except a few signs. Kroger used to be open all night like walmart but now they are running 8am-9pm est shifts. They also are not allowing product returns if it is food, they are now refunding that portion of your bill. If you have to go out, its safe. You can wear gloves/mask or none it’s currently your choice.
There however is the greenish yellow menace we hate this time of yr in the south, Pollen. You can go on accuweather.com to see how bad pollen is in your area.

I advise all readers to…

I advise all readers to this blog to practice good hygiene.
I also advise you to carry on with errands and life like normal.
If a place that is normally open not open, go somewhere else, these places are now being effected by a manifest of the major event. These people, orgs and such more may cease to exist in the future because they are effected by the shifts. WE all knew at some point daily life could be altered or changed right? If they aren’t carrying on like normal there is a reason and so note what you can. Go some where else to do your shopping, washing/drying and so forth and so on.

I have chosen to block,…

I have chosen to block, mute, unfollow any page, group, blog, forum postings, facebook pages and so on that believe they can not continue life as normal as they did this time last year.

Black Power?

The African American community is going through a type of regime and revival. The first one is the ones that are bisexual are trying like hell and in vain to recruit some people into turning bisexual and gay and thinking if they can turn world leaders in some way then their goals and prophecies will come true. There is a major black ritual going on with these men and women,, more so the women than the men. I had moved this wild heart to tweetedtimes.com for a curated paper (auto curated like paper.li) as they changed up free papers some time ago, and this wild heart pulls messages from twitter like paper.li but just twitter and there was a sultry (yuck is a better word for it) headline showing two African American women being engaged in gay sex with one another but not actually touching one another. I pulled the paper entirely, what Trash! I am not bisexual or gay. I am straight and I don’t do black men either. ONLY white men, no white women and sometimes I don’t even want to be sexual with others, only myself. This is asexuality to me. There are many versions of asexuality, I am very sexual person, just don’t want to be gay or pedophiley with other people. I am not shy, but I am not here to get it on with Black folks. Most are unclean as hell.

There is also a movement tied to the gay community of African Americans for christian music. This does not sound like Christian music, it’s about finding their bisexuality power play inside of a Christian music industry. Someone came through a friend’s neighborhood when I was visiting them in south Carolina and it was some scary mess. It talked about how they were already for Christ as the holy bridegroom. It was a bit cult like to me. We just stared at this car coming through their neighborhood. How can you serve god and mammon? Their lifestyle is effecting their ability to see God and Christianity as what it is, or what it should be. God is not going to be with you sexually as a bride, a guide, a nod or a groom, or anything. Heaven is not about sexuality (I mean it was from a Hindu perspective, Tantra Yama and later on Tantra Yami the bisexual version, but it fell flat because it was same sex and eventually women learned sex was not a light transmission or one of anything other than sufferage. You are not a slave to man and Man you are not a slave to woman and woman not slaved to other women or men other men. Transmissions do not happen to not entity spiritual beings. That is why people smoke or snort to get there and they are suffering, this is also sufferage to smoke something to obtain a high to touch God. When you have peace you do cry but because you are in the Light. Light is Acceptance that you have returned. When you do, you cry as suffering and sufferage falls off you. Every Chain is broken as they say.)

Hindu is not the best path to find ascension. It is Hindu-Lamil or Hindu-Yurda you wanna try or Hindu-Lindu or Hindu-Maras even. This was in a diff place long before we were in India.

Hindu-Lamil is learning about suffering and all you endure.

Hindu-Yurda or your darkness and dark being, learning of a god within if you have one.

Hindu-Lindu is about service to others, planets and servitude in general.

Hindu-Maras is learning how to wrap this all together now and purge the old wounds and move on to the next chapter.

There is more Hindu path but that is for another time.

ALLOT of false prophets are about the world right now trying in vain to find a place a hold in the new divide from the old one. Christian music nor any music should not make another feel uncomfortable. This christian track was uncomfortable, and wrong. The women were trying to sound like a man, as a man and woman prepare for a honeymoon, oh it was terrible. Please be aware! This is a “shruni” festival like no other! It’s their voracious appetites! They think they can rebuild their community, kinda like a “Christian” Freaknik for those whoever have been to that african american showdown in the 90’s, which they have brought back to Atlanta, GA. “Black Slave House Raunch”.

Many people will say to me — You can’t be a light worker or life coach and be prejudiced against African Americans, because enlightenment destroys Racism. Yes, you can be both awakened, ascended and racist. I can not sit here and tell you that ascension or spiritual evolution will not make you aware of someone’s culture and not make you racist because it will. We aren’t like them and they are not like us. They bleed red and sometimes like the same things and foods we do, but I think its because their bored as well or don’t have anyone from their culture around them atm.

Having racism towards others and being prejudiced is not against the law. It is action based on the thought there of that is usually the escape goat. Prejudiced feelings are a preference that you adhere too, not a crime. If you are bullying someone on their skin color this is a hate crime, but being prejudiced is not a hate crime. Saying the word “N*gger is actually not a crime, it is calling someone ignorant as that is what Nigger means. So you called me a Cracka in response, not a crime. Just because you called me what you think is the white version of this term (when it isn’t, nigger does not mean black person — means you aren’t ignorant, as we can see by your need to call me a Cracka/Cracker — doesn’t make much sense, but since some crackers are white, this is your defense. Beating someone up over using what some consider racist terms, isn’t smart either, it too, is ignorant, and you believe that beating someone up because you were called the C word or the N word or B word or whatever you were called makes you a pathetic weak bully. The N word is frowned on from a racist view because people always resort to using hateful words to mean skin color rather than brain smarts. Intelligence. Thank you.

Shruni or Shruna are African from back MYA about 85MYA, in which they lived in crude huts, were terribly sexually immature with their beings and others, and ate the innards of people and animals. They lived in Chaldea – and also the old Mayan ruins, intermixed with Aztec and Incan culture and became known as Olmec and Tolmecs. They were not very intelligent either. They also ate things like bone parts and neckbones of animals. Their culture later migrated to St. Lucia and Honduras and is what one thinks of when one mentions Voodun(i).

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6 Year Anniversary Achievement

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!

You registered on WordPress.com 6 years ago.

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

6 years already! Woot!

It’s a new “year” Time for Spiritual/Spiritful Attack


One of my “friends” created a new starseed community. I am not a starseed but I figured other light workers would be there, and it may prove useful to make some new contacts with people who write like I do. Well, this was a no no thought and let’s just say I left quickly. If you want details you can see so here: LINK

Anyway, I want to elaborate on why I channel emissions and why I write about ascension, ridding the ego, reconditioning and such more: I don’t want people to feel lost.

I have been there before with out a guide, without knowing what was to happen, and I feel like my blog helps you or someone else figure out what’s new, what’s going on, what’s going to happen, how we can cope and how we can prepare. Lots figure its because I want to be famous, or be well liked or known. That is not the purpose of Light working. The purpose of light working is selflessness. It is being a servant to humanity and a light to the world. Famous needs and being greedy and being well known is EGO. Ego can not ascend anyone or place, it is not a sacred energy. It is a hateful, awful, emotional driven animal that takes, and hurts, and wants, and consumes and devours you and anyone standing in its path. It does not care what it hurts. It is here to ruin you and your lives. That is why I shared my ego and higher vibration post with these people and that community – and the members quickly picked it apart for what they thought it meant, what they think it meant, and how it did not apply to them, because we have ego and we use it to manifest our dreams. No, we have will, and we use will to manifest a good reality, not ego! Ego daydreams and wittles away possibility. The Will within creates and sustains our reality, things we want to do, things we wish to achieve and work towards. That’s not ego. Ego shreds identities. But I am wrong.

When one is ascended, and reunited with their energy forms (Yes plural) one can understand what is happening for these star seed people. They believe they are 3D formed human bodies who believe they come from some place else in energy and have come here to endure a human body existence, but don’t know why, how or how they got here or where they came from, or why their here.

Anyone on the “team”, knows why they’re here, what we will aid in, how we will help, what is coming, what is going on currently, and how to help others prepare. These seeds just want to fit in, and are just experiencing Social Anxiety Disorder as they don’t fit well with where they are, as they are not living very realistically with themselves. Any otherkin, vampyre, non human or “salian” being or entity also suffers the same SAD. It’s the same thing teens go through into puberty and early adult hood. Social Anxiety Disorder is very common and effects at least 3 Million people across the world today. IF there is that many left. In 2013, at least 3.3 Million people experienced moderate Social Anxiety Disorder and also Panic or nervous disorder/attacks. I am a sufferer myself and am on medicine for the rest of my life because of this. I don’t like loud people, I don’t like large crowds, I don’t like really dark clubs and night places. I don’t even like street lights and parking lots sometimes. I don’t like low key eateries and really quiet places. If alcohol and drugs could be present I am not there. I could care less. I am going home to my room and I am chilling online with music til I want to go to bed. I am not kidding you.

Another reason as is discussed elsewhere on the link, Elshara/Shane etc want to ruin whatever good representation they believe me to have. I am known as a teacher, leader of communities and groups. Their jealous and insecure. I do not know how to help these people move on with their notions. So I take my attention away from them. I like to write about Galactic races and dna and evolution now and prepare people for the next stages. It also helps me prepare. I have many speakers who have spoken through me, I am a channel. I am also one of the channels. I work with the Ashtar Ground Crew (not the website, this is just another one of Elshara’s//Josh Obrians/Benarion’s ning 2.0 networks) and the Annunaki order as well as the Lyran Subtergriant(e) which sounds very interesting which is our own ground crew, and I work with Nesara/Thesara/Esara crews.

That is right, Elshara is also Ben Arion of AshtarGroundCrew.net which started out on Oxwall software. I am seeing a trend, upon finding this site, I invited him to ning (I am sorry people I didn’t know) and here we are today with his site also on socibd (but he was there before I was). I don’t dislike Elshara or hate him or his admin team, they do their websites a certain way and I did not volunteer to help, he just admin’ed me for no reason. But anyway I disgress. People think I have my life all together, I poop gold roses and Its smells good to me and I never break a sweat or do anything wrong or embarassing. Which this is also failed ego and it assumes my life is better and I never do anything wrong. Life is not about being better – another ego  problem – its about being sustainable. My life is sustainable for me, because it has to be. I have a crappy apartment, I have good food to eat, I have clothing, I have heat and medicines, which I have to take. I am not 100% happy with everything currently but I am at least 76% happy day to day with my life. Being ascended is about being honest with one’s self and about being humble and happy with what we have regardless what we don’t have. I have everything I need to survive well every day of life, every need is taken care of. There are days when I am sick and I have problems with my “earthly form” because of energies I am around (like them for instance they make a girl feel sick and sucky), and I have my disabilities which are RA and Fibro, and Bursitis in my shoulder, and bad teeth (which I cause myself, hahahaha! rolls eyes) and my vertigo sickness, travel sickness and motion sickness and a few other things I don’t need to go into. I suffer, and there is no cure. I try not to complain and use my ascension to make me feel better and I can self heal sometimes and do energy tune ups and balances and things and I work and meditate allot with my medicines and other things, so I am not a perfect non human and I am not trying to be. I am SUSTAINABLE. I SUSTAIN. THAT IS ALL I NEED TO DO IS CO EXIST WELL. THIS IS WHAT LIFE IS, BEING WELL ENOUGH TO ENJOY ENOUGH TO BE ENOUGH.

They are having trouble letting go of the old conditions of our beings and world. They can not complete, they can not commute. They are self quit.

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Cayenne and Ginger Salve

If you can buy it or even make some, its well worth the effort:

#cayenne, #ginger, #healing, #ointments, #salves, #wellness

Redefine yourself in #2019

New Year beliefs or perhaps a To do List:

  • Clean out the closets
    Get ready for early spring plants
    Wash blankets and sheets in the closets
    Get a new broom, mop, dust pan or trash cans
    Make allergy cold remedy wax or soap/oil/lotions and salves products for cold season
    Get a flu shot if you get them
    Start a yearly doctor regimen and make a point to get a physical
    Go to the dentist and get mouth tidy
    Start a fitness program or join a gym
    Get a work out station or equipment for your home
    Take your pets and fur children to the vet or start their health care plan
    Stock up on ways to winterize yourself – lotions, bath bombs, epsom salts, oils and soap
    Go see a nutrionalist
    Go see a dermatolist for skin issues
    Start walking on a track or terrain in your area
    Take pictures and develop an interest in photography
    Go back to college, take some educational courses
    Make plans to go to a national park or other vacational area
    Make any bad relationship changes now and stick with the plan
    Learn a new hobby, course or something you always wanted to try
    Start that new website and or learn to work on the web the way you want
    Clean and organize the kitchen and the pantry and stick to it
    Label ingredients you use in the kitchen and work on adding more to a spice rack
    Get a house plant for the inside of the home and water it
    Start using tea tree oil and mint in your skin and hair care regimen
    Take vitamins and supplements to promote energy and get out of your slump
    Stock up on salves and ointments for bad days and days of crankiness or days you do not feel well
    Buy some new comfy pajamas and throw out old ones
    Buy new socks and new underwear
    Replace your tooth paste and tooth brush
    Get a new hair brush or comb for your hair
    Use a hot oil treatment on your hair and a mud or clay mask for your face or body
    Have spa days and drink lots of water, as well as water infused with orange and lemon/lime and grapefruit slices.
    Take St johns wort tablets
    Cleanse dust from the fans and heaters and make sure they work approx.
    Get to a therapist and start a mental health care regimen
    Watch less violent TV and MOVIE programming on TV. If it contains a gun even used in defense stop watching the TV.
    Set realistic dreams and goals for yourself.
    ACT on your plans and dreams. Redefine you in #2019.


  • –Ana Massien

Old Regime vs. New regime

Hello I have not written in  awhile as I have been going through the hills and valleys of the new ascension. It is important to note that ascension comes in various stages, and is always “new” you will start and end one tier and move on to the other, and allot of that has to do with sickness. The sickness of vertigo and various other changes to the mind and form and spirit, and by then very spiritual body or form is a constant upheavel as we clear out old energy, an old body and and an old way of living.

You may meet some people that are very old regime from time to time. Usually clustered in small packs, they gaggle together trying to find a high, a drunk state or an inward waylaided state, and want you to “conform” to what they think is right or what works for them.

They fail to see, that you as a star soul being, know what to do for you. Just like they seem to know what to do for them, you know what to do for you and this is not something they want you to do. Do it anyway, be yourselves.


New Regime is about being in the now. Not just present, with your presence but in the now and in every moment because it is a new time to experience new things.

If you believe now is a good time to move, to experience new things, do it even if it seems you don’t have enough money. Old regime is very “I don’t have enough money. I don’t have enough time. I don’t have enough courage.” Sure you do your constant motion of being present is about what you want to manifest right now. Still, you may not have enough money but you should at least try to do what you need to do for yourselves. If you have been abused in some way in the last period of change, you will want to let go asap and launch your new ness right away. There may be a set time or hold up so please check around but try not to commit to something right away yet.

In a new relationship or friendship? Are people flocking or running? If you are in the new people will be running if their not yet there themselves, sometimes people don’t know how to be in the moment. This even goes to those who still believe in twin flames and twin energy. You still don’t have a twin flame. You do not have a soul mate. You just have had partners that manifested the same will and need as your own to experience with you at that time of your life. This is why they run, we so badly want to belong to something or someone we believe something that is false because people who claim to be leaders want to rule the galaxy and run others lives. It is one of the most poisoning things a supposed life coach can do. There is no such thing as soul mates, twins, twin flames, twin hearts, whatever. Its a kooky and wacky notion, if they really were your twin you would experience everything together. We are just lonely souls or spirits.

Soon, you will love your lonliness and you will not want to do anything that would jeopardize this with yourselves. You will grow and grow as a sentient being by yourself. You won’t need old regime tatics or needs to replace your own.



I had added the twinflame passions photo because some still want to believe in TF Unions and this is an interesting notion.

Why should I attempt to change your mind. You have made it up. But those of you who believe yourselves and your theology, do you support yourself and your twinflame whole heartedly? No, you probably don’t. Don’t you practice what you preach? Are you having trouble with the medium of it? Yes, you probably are.

We just can’t make people do what we want them too. Their not Google assistant, which is a lovely bot, and their not a bot. I don’t have to choose what you want me to become or be. Can we not be in the moment as one? Why are you conflicted and by what? What others think or propose? Can you think for yourself and what only you would like? Why seek a partner at all if one can not work with just themselves and them.

I do not allow that. I have the right to say it.

I do not want to do that. I have the right to live and exist as I choose to do so.

I don’t have to go back now in my evolution and undo what you find faults with, as they are strengths so that you can “win” and I can “lose” and everyone can see you made me a better winner and you had a true soul purpose. This is your ego getting in the way and is character fault. You need to let go of the ego. You need to vibrate into nothingness and let it change you.

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How to Build stronger happiness…

How to Build stronger happiness with our selves daily

Some people are just not very happy people, so this list is 10 short steps we can use everyday, everyone of us, to build happier lifestyles and lives.

1. Distance yourself, or quit hanging out with negative people or negative places of interest/disinterest. Limit your time with them all together. This will take some effort but is well worth the health benefits. Helps with better sleep, concentration, appreciativeness and gratitude as well as cuts back on heartburn and irritations of all sorts.
2. Limit alcoholic beverages and fried foods. Drink more water, alkaline and spring water and juice.
3. Quit abusing drugs and if you must do them at all, do it only once or twice a year, socially and limit your intake. Cut back on smoking cigs and cigars and cloves.
4. Eat healthier. Veggies, Proteins, wheat breads, pasta, fruits, nuts. These things make the greatest difference.
5. Take healthy chemicals – 5-HTP is a serotonin replacement supplement. B Complex helps with the brain and the body and sleep functions. Coconut milk and meat from inside helps with the brain, skin and eyes. Coconut also helps menopausal men and women. Cantaloup seeds and the fruit also help with the digestive tract and menopausal cravings.
6. Watch less TV and violent movies, with sex in them. Crime shows, doc tv drama series, ugly sexual lives shows cheaters, cops, etc. while watching some may seem respectful, cutting back on these shows, boosts brain chemicals and makes you more active. Such like springer, cheaters and those shows that Vh1 specialize in, while it may seem exciting it is actually viewed as stupidness – who wants their lives taped to see who chooses who?- I do not hate VH1, I am just using it as an example.
7. Go outside and walk, jog, be in nature, walk your pets. It jogs chemicals in the brain and body, it feels good after a while to meditate or read in nature.
8. Have a manta place at work or home to relax or eat lunch in or meditate in after work. Shower and relax. Many people say to keep the bedroom cool at a certain temp, keep it dark to promote sleep, use a humidifier, but really your room is your sacred space, you should keep it the way you respond too it. The more comfortable your space the more you will be.
9. Write things out and down in a journal. Get it out and meditate over why you feel this way, what can you do about it, if nothing, pray to your deity and let karma handle the issue.
10. Listen to natural music. drums, tribal music, celtic music, without words or with them. Indian music, shamanic music. Experience these musics and let them transform your being. Shapeshifter dna has a wonderful website, and has wonderful tracks build with ascension in mind.

These steps are the foundation to a better understood and deserving you. Experience.

Twinflames and other Mystical connections

Also written on http://www.darktribe.life/groups/spiritifulbeings

We see them on facebook all the time, if you follow ascension type items, you probably have seen sites like twinflames1111.com or some something like this.

They claim there is a magickal being like us in the universe somewhere and they are the other half of us.

They are just like us, waiting to accept us and waiting to love us unconditionally as we are them.

We are not a half. We are a whole. Therefore they are also whole, even if fragmented or shattered. The idea of a perfect mate is not true. We are flawed for a reason, and  as an ascended being you come to learn you were never messed up to begin with and on your own path and it eventually led you here. We all have our own journey speed.

Hold the phone, joe. Not actually true.


(This was not done to pick on this site. It was done to inform people that they are missing the big picture.)

Twinflames were at one time the epitome of the relations of the cosmos. They were here for us, and everyone was searching for theirs, and then we found them and had sex with them and BAM! they left us. They were then twin flame runners, and now there are kits to help us move on from them or clear our relationship with our twin, which is bogus but because we told people hey you have a twin, to make money why not keep lying about it? Twins are like that actually. They align and then they “move out of our alignment” really quick. Must not be anything new to learn, huh? Then their stuck in a new relationship with someone we can’t stand and they are trapped. It’s sad to see your twin possibly hook up with some ho with four kids but he wants a mother figure, not a woman that can light his sheets on fire. He may have an old soul that is 3k in some change but honey, he does not know his worth or virtue, and that means he does not know yours either. He has not grown past the idea that he needs a mommy with four kids and a house he can fuck off in and play his game system. He does not love you. Chalk it up to kinky sex (I hope) and move on. If he sees you are getting on with your life he will try to figure out why.

Well, seriousness taken, we can have past life bonds with people, that are sexually, sensually, and lustfully intense. Problem is we have never had a good love relationship with any one we have ever been with, because of our ego, fear, insecurities, immaturity in relations, because we have a false idea of what we need or want in life, a partner or a relationship. They’re also not called twin flames either. It is just an old soul or spirit relation or bond, friendship, fuckship, etc but everyone wants to feel cherished, loved, content. Ego again that we deserve to have that too. It”s not true. So stop lying to yourself about it.

When we define why we want a relationship, we can define what kind of partner would suit us. If its not a twin flame person then move on until you find that right someone, if the word “right” is even needed.

You can have up to 20+ more twin flames or people you have a deep, intense sexual, sensual longing for, or too and with. They can trigger it, and you can too and you can manipulate each other with this and thats where arguments come from. He did that. She did this. So did you. If she did it, and you did it, why was it wrong? There is a universal law that says If you love, freely love even if you cheat because technically you only can cheat if you belong to someone and you want to control them. A Possessive relationship is not love. Its bondage. If you believe you can truly cheat someone out of your “love” then you do not love them anyway. No one deserves to be a slave or controlled and it will not work. Love and healthy relations, come from trust and faith even when things are not right between you and that someone else. That is when you learn most about yourself, and them and if you want to continue being the driving force of that relationship. Many people see this to be some form of weakness on our part and they think we are nuts for trying to work out the kinks. They may be right, sometimes we can only move on when we are sure the other person is not capable of meeting their needs in a relationship as well as ours. If you make every effort to keep it from dying then maybe ask them where they see this going.

If after the first night and the man or woman is running already, they preyed on your feelings and theirs for sexual gratification, and they are insecure about opening up to the bond or the relationship entirely. But meanwhile if you have more money and things are pleasant they may ride out the ship a bit. They fail to see it but they are shut down not only to YOU, but to themselves as well, as well as the idea of the two of you being one.

People do not have strong family ties, or things are wrong at home, and so we decide we will shut ourselves off. We have tons of experiences to draw from. A Man will instinctly go into the twilight zone with his bonded female if his friends are around, he does it to protect her. “Nothing to see, here!” In hopes his buddies will not want to screw her or him and her up. He knows he’s not the alpha male here because he is in submissive mode with his female, he knows things are being misrepresented badly, but still its the wrong behavior. He needs too, if he is with her that way, quit hanging out with his friends asap to avoid sending the wrong signals. It sounds controlling but if you have a bond with someone the last thing you should do is hang out with someone else or ask someone elses’ opinion, because you will get some bad advice. A Bond is too be nurtured, not waved around like a flag.

Quit boasting about it, the feelings and the sex and the cute shit she does. They are going to want her, and they are gonna try. If she is a good one you’ll have nothing to worry over, and for gods sakes don’t diss your sweet female, because then she most likely will.

Many people are still choosing rotten links and bonds to be with, because their not sure what else to do and many women want a man to be their everything. That is their ego driving their inner will. Once you decide why you should want a mate, is when you decide how to want your mate. It’s not to get laid, a bank account, a house, a mansion, a boat, a career, etc. A Man is not a piggy bank. He is not a 401k plan. Neither is a woman.

We need companionship. A walk, a movie, a coffee date. Laying with one another and listening to one another breathe is a very passionate thing. Take some time before you get naked. Listen to music. Listen to nature. Listen to one another. Help one another. Help cook and help laundry and help clean and help period, help make life easier. Know. Know yourself, know them, know what you like and what they like and what you both need. Work, Work on getting that thing done. Work on knowing yourself and themself better. Encourage them, and yourself. Never stop dreaming. Never stop living.

Happy Valentine’s Day 2018

By Ana Massien

You can see the registrant info for this domain at:

If I am right, and I do not want to be, all these sites that speak along the same wave length which is actually considered “2D” even tho there is no such things as dimensions, they did not know how to explain how ascension is to a transmogrified being, rather than like a 3D world or realm it is like “being one with the energy around you” everything makes sense, because we are aware, not “more” but “entirely” it is like a veil lifts and we “get it” because we “are apart of it”.There is a new awareness, a new being, a new way of living. It also corresponds to being “beyond normal life” such like revenancy for vampires of an energy persuasion because that is exactly the way it is. Ascension is not made for mere mortals to go through, but for non humanoids to go through. Beings that that appear to be of other lands or worlds, similar to Alien theory.
People are not happy here, as themselves or on this planet so many seek to say their from elsewhere, but some may remember elsewhere and since it does not look like it does in today’s world, its easy to say it is another planet, because technically it is, as in shamanism, it has been altered or changed, even in energy so therefore its about putting the puzzle into place and being able to feel your way around, in a memory and fit it to the current time frame.
We call this energy sequencing, and I am adding it to the article here because you can do that with a mate to make sure what you are feeling, seeing is really them, and not some one else. Energy does not lie.


Mindfulness Group

I would like to invite anyone interested to our mindfulness group on facebook –

other life coach people, ascension believers, new hopers, old hopers, whatever.



Why Ascension is So Important

Why Ascension is so Important

MYA or Million of years ago there was a wise race. They shared everything they had with others, even their blood and secretional fluids.
They were ascended and lived for a long time. These people could live eras and epochs if they wanted too, or if it was needed.
The reason why ascension is so important, we want people to know they can overcome their dna and change their spirit karma and their existence if they wanted, they do not need to keep doiong the same thing.
For instance, women grow up and are expected to raise a family by the age of 30 something still, cook for their family and clean their home, work from home or abroad during the day, please their husband and then maybe get 5 hours of sleep a night and keep doing this for years down the road. This is a broken tradition. People fight, people cheat and people fake their own deaths to get away from this stereotype.
With ascension, a being is able to discern away from broken traditions, pick which life path is easy enough for them to live, and adjust too and allows them to skip the hurt and pain from a broken family, relation, marriage or life.
Either you can change via personal ascension, that you control, or you undergo mass evolution upgrades globally. You just must affirm your choice to change, and ascension itself will come and do the rest.
Everyone up until 2017 was under going mass ascension on the planet as well as the pla or planet itself, however, it is taking a bit of a break so we can see if people are benefiting from it’s continued growth or benefiting from it’s pause.
This would mean that ascension itself is a global adept of itself and Source does know how to run itself, as well as for the planet and for the people participating in it’s program.
However, most beings are not able to participate because they do not have a light body. This is a higher up being you were once, whom is an ancient, who joins with your current form and aids it’s ascension beyond the dense reality and spirit bondage it is in, and continues with it in different stages until one stops, or one never stops.
Most people or beings ascending do not stop and keep vibrating via the higher vibration that frees them from their spirit bondage to mates, soul family, and dead links they no longer want to carry with them. In time they may have no friends (they are weird!) and everyone has moved out of their current vibration and is in the below, rather than the above vibration.
Spirits are energy, entity, they vibrate in true light and true dark with out a need for a God
or control religion, or a control state. They simply experience. They simply are. They do not follow a set course of principles over and over because they are beyond it. They choose to remain on the planet to help serve a higher way of being. This also allows them to free others from spirit bondage and death.
True Light and true dark are ONE or all one states of being and presensem neither evil or good but neutral state. Void. Empathic, able to respond too and shut down emotional states of preying on others and self. They choose what they allow to influence them.
The majority of the ‘net that is ascending, aren’t. They are copying an energy state dimension that does not exist. To say life is like 3D or 5D means you can interact and move around the world in your projective body or see the world outside of yourself even if your not actually present in that location. You’ve been there before so you bi locate yourself and are able to moniter the area – however be aware that places change so you may not be seeing what it looks like currently.
Being a projective being is called being a Revenant, and it most likely is normally used by vampyres who are Strigoi. However Entities project as well, therians, and other Guardian forces, and they are considered Levenant, because they may not drink blood or other secretional fluids, however will at some point consume energy, elementally because this is also what their made of. Elemental energy looks like flesh but when in a changed host – ascended or transcended – is firnament. Flesh that glows white or with light/dark that can be felt as positive “love” but is actually “faith” and “grace”. Which is something associated with Christ conscienceness. But Christ did not ascend all the way, or he would have never been about a “father’s work or agenda”. It would have been boring and predictable to him.
We come from broken homes and families today so when we see some kind of positive godhood that does not preach dogma we run to it wanting to be complete. No one can complete you but you. Ascension is a key that goes to your lock so you can see how, but you have to let go of the need to control, possess, manipulate, bring pain to yourself and others in order to be God Like, or be yourself. Once yourself, you can not become ego driven again on a vendetta to hurt others, because this is immaturity of the spirit.
–Ana Massien

Super Continents List

Was doing some interesting reading on wikipedia this morning:


It talks about not just one super continent but 9 or more, with the list not being complete.

This may not be news to some of you but for #Otherkin and #Entitykin or #Vampyres it could be the distant earths we may remember in our #dna, and #en-dna 🙂

This is why I asked on this blog if anyone had remembered any off world or distant earth lifetimes some time ago, about 8 or so months ago. No one replied because people don’t want to sound stupid.

Many of these sound right to me, and with my dna experiences as a shaman it fits at least 85% for me, and I thought I’d put this post here so maybe some of you can have peace.

It’s not another earth, but it was different land masses being together, with views of a different ocean that we remember that we may think it was a different planet all together, because technically IT is a different version of the planet, and there may still be instances of where people or beings state it was a different planet and that is also entirely possible. (I remember it too – just because we can’t prove it means nothing) but if you would like to talk about your experiences, I’ll still be welcome to hear it. Send email or chat with me at facebook about it.

http://facebook.com/vampirechic76 and msg me.

–Ana Massien

PS. I will listen, even if its a rpg game to you, some people we realize want attention, some people may actually remember legit information.


For the Bursitis (inflammation of…

For the Bursitis (inflammation of the bursae in the shoulder, hip, knee etc)
This comes from wish/geek and I have not yet tried it but I want too:
It is usually in the $2-3 area with small shipping cost

I also want to touch…

I also want to touch on the fact of the people with Fibro, Nervous disorders, anxiety, Panic, RA, Bursitis and so on:
If you get on some serotonin supplements, it will help your over all mood with b complex. They also state Magnesium tabs will help with Fibro, but it made me feel sicker. I have been taking 5-HTP for two months now which is the serotonin supplement, and I feel years better, more positive, and just plain better and I sleep and eat better. I feel like I am 25 again (and I am 44). It will help your muscles and one of the reason we have all the fatigue is because we’re worn out from a lack and loss of natural serotonin, and this will help you.
Chemical compound
5-Hydroxytryptophan, also known as oxitriptan, is a naturally occurring amino acid and chemical precursor as well as a metabolic intermediate in the biosynthesis of the neurotransmitter serotonin.


If you suffer from the following items, and often think it or believe it is a real problem: (you are not ascending and ego is a problem for you)

  • Believe you are better than everyone
  • Believe people with handicaps should be destroyed, killed etc.
  • Believe people should be forced to live by your laws.
  • Believe people should do whatever the fuck they want, be it hurt someone else or not and live like a kid in a candy store.
  • Believe you need drugs, alcohol or weird fetishes to handle your life
  • Believe having said items make you better and more special than others.
  • Believe things should be taken away from people so their lives are destroyed or have a new hardship.
  • you hate everyone
  • you hate yourself
  • you want to hurt people.
  • you want to hurt yourself.
  • You want to force, control, manipulate others and their lives to live only by your dictations. (You’ve seen star wars right?)
  • You hurt animals.
  • You post pictures of abuse to be a fake savior in a horrible world.
  • You won’t share your groceries, money or clothing to help others but expect this from others.
  • You hurt the elderly or abuse them mentally.
  • Think you can control others with your mental mind.
  • Think you can control others with your words and impressions.
  • Think you can control or manipulate others with a disguise, and believe people won’t know if you create a fake id to go with a fake life to get at someone.
  • Stalk people.
  • Make plans to hurt others.
  • Pretend to be in a relationship to other someone or an ex.
  • Believe you need to always be a dominating partner or wear the pants in the relationship.
  • Believe you must humiliate someone sexually or mentally in order to be yourself or be heard or seen as a dominating person.
  • Take pictures with your smart phone or web cam to showcase your sexual needs.
  • Take these pictures to distribute to friends or people you would like to be with to show them what you are like or what you like to participate in.
  • Always appear to be doing better than your ex or ex best friend or anyone else you no longer have a good relationship with because you have done messed it up or they have done messed it up.
  • Believe that nothing is your fault. Ever. Never take responsibility for your actions.

If you do any of the above you suffer from ego problems, any of these lead to ego problems:


These are all robbers of the spirit and soul.

It is not helped by:


How can you work for the better? What stops you from trying?




#dealing-with-ego, #ego-problems

EGO and Higher Vibration

Have you ever always liked something and then one day and got up and said “I can’t stand this thing anymore”? You have come into a better, more stable energy vibration for a new start on a personal spiritual journey.

The reason I asked this question is easy – people don’t know what vibrations look like or feel like. When you are “awake” you see, feel, know, sense and experience, and sooner or later “accept”.

Ego – what we want, demand and desire to be ours, for good or bad is not served in higher vibration, because we have experienced enough to know through changed dna that we do not need ego, or need a new car, or be a better house wife with a new career that we can’t even see too, or have someone else’s boyfriend or girlfriend or please them better, or live in a more better expensive apartment = GREED.

WE are insecure – immature, we see Earth as a way to get get get and we think that time, fate is stupid enough to give it to us, because they like us and we please and flatter it or them and they will love us.

NO!!!! If higher vibration is released through source, then God it’s pilot is on the planet too. It has always been this way, attunement with spirituality practice leads to better acceptance of our being, because we learn to accept and let go and merge. Either you can’t, or you will let go and experience true change and complete being and EGO will not be apart of that.

EGO is ruled by our HNA. HNA governs emotions that help us live better –  keeps us from getting sick by experiencing and swimming in lower vibrations of negativity. Once you let go of your ego and your ID, you become a sentient spirit being, neither male or female in design, because sexual pleasure is not something you need either, unless you choose it. HNA is kept in check by our INA, and our SNA and our NNA as well.

INA= Self intellience of a higher source – the ability to ascend period.

SNA = Self relaxing and producing calm atmosphere of the spirit being during evolutional change.

NNA= Group acceptance of changes on all spiritual outer and internal levels, between one spirit (mind, body and spirit and dna and sna and all being as one vibration or Tibration to better at life experiences)

It is important to announce that there are people who try to “steal” your dna experiences, want to chain you, break you, and destroy your views of a better world. This can not be done. Your personal path is personal, you are allowed to break the chains that bind you and escape spiritual slavery. That is what the soul mate principles is. We are our own soul mates only, we do not need another to help us, we have always thought so because we were ego filled with the notion that someone belonged too us. It’s not true, we are all singular beings, and we can choose slavery or non slavery. Many spirits are deviants and like spirit slavery. I am not one of these anymore.

You really don’t need a spiritual husband or mate, a spirit family or a family, a 9-5 job and or a career that robs you of your spirituality, Christian or otherwise. I know this by having lived a spiritual journey, by having spiritual marriages and having spiritual families and I STILL HAVE ONE, EVEN IF MY CHOICES ARE CHANGING.


Hello People (and beings)!

Isn’t it good to be alive?!

How is the many fatigues treating you? Now is a great time to relax as much as possible.
Epsom salts work miracles as does baking soda in the bath and you can drink some baking soda water too, works wonders on digestion and cheering the mood!

I started a colodial silver regime. I put it in my coffee now on days I drink coffee and it helps fight allergies and just in general helps with mood and anxiety that hits us all in the head today due to the COVID-19 dash here and there essential. I have also started taking a menopause supplement similar to amberen which works really good on tiredness and fatigue, and I take an Immunity Gummy now every day that helps me with Immune system issues.

With Trump’s plan to revitalize people and get them back to their jobs I have a message for you: If you just can’t bare the thought of repetitive stress that your job puts on you, quit it and go get some therapy. Do something else. Now is the time to see to your needs, rather than the economy’s demand on your nerves, stress and time. Also if you have bad things happening to you because of stress, welcome to PTSD, allot of us have it, including myself. Go to a doctor and get tested for disabilities and go file for disability at the Social Security offices. Over 1.3 billion people at one time could not hold a job due to repetitive stress and movement on the job. Many people have passed on now, either due to natural illness or COVID-19 and so there is about 1500 of us left that still receive government help. You owe yourself to take care of yourself. SSI will also provide insurance so you can seek medicines to help you manage your stress and daily lives better, now after and during COVID-19.
https://socialsecurity.gov to get started! You can even talk to a rep. They will get you moving in the right direction.